Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I was semi-productive today. . .

And just in case any of you had started to believe that I have any degree of needleworking or blogging ability, a picture proving otherwise:

That's right. It's all been a sham. Clearly, Bella has been doing all the work. I have merely been taking all the credit because, well, I'm an evil genius.

And evil is true because I am working her to sheer exhaustion. She's falling asleep on the job!


On a completely unrelated note, I was watching Nightline tonight because its on during that awkward, mostly Family Guy chunk of Adult Swim I choose to avoid when there are no decent talk shows on yet since NBC stole my Coco and replaced him with Gay Leno [Bazinga!]

Well, I turn the show on a few minutes in only to find Martin Bashir, the super professional, super proper host of the program, throwing about the term "Juggalo." My immediate reaction was of course to laugh hysterically. Even Martin Bashir's perfect Queen's English could not make the term Juggalo sound even the slightest bit acceptable in adult conversation.

And then they began interviewing two of the actual members of the Insane Clown Posse. And then it got real.

Bashir: . . .people could call your lyrics juvenile and indecipherable. What do you say to that?

Random ICP Jackass:
Well if they're like you, yeah they might because you sound smarter than a muthafucker right now.

Wow. Just wow.

But the story went on. Turns out it wasn't so much about ICP but about the many brutal murders and rapes being committed across the country by self-proclaimed Juggalos.

And all I could think was, how could people commit any kind of crime in the name of a "musician" who is thoroughly impressed by someone using words like, "juvenile" and "indecipherable?" Dude, did you even finish High School?

Oh wait that's right, you dress like a clown for a living. And not just any clown, but a clown who mistakenly believes he can rap.

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